Dog Guards for Volvo

Let us start by saying that, despite the name, Travall dog guards are not meant just for dog owners. Sure, if you do have a pet they have many advantages. Not least the fact that fitting one in your Volvo will put an end to muddy paw prints on the seats and distractions while you’re trying to concentrate on your driving. But they can also protect you and your passengers from the very real dangers of travelling with unsecured cargo in the boot.

C30 (2006-2010)
Dog Guards for C30 (2006-2010)

V40 Estate (1996-2004)
Dog Guards for V40 Estate (1996-2004)

V50 Estate (2004-2012)
Dog Guards for V50 Estate (2004-2012)

V60 Estate (2010-2014)
Dog Guards for V60 Estate (2010-2014)

V70 Estate (2000-2007)
Dog Guards for V70 Estate (2000-2007)

V70 Estate (2007-2012)
Dog Guards for V70 Estate (2007-2012)

XC60 (2008-2014)
Dog Guards for XC60 (2008-2014)

XC70 (2002-2007)
Dog Guards for XC70 (2002-2007)

XC70 (2007-2014)
Dog Guards for XC70 (2007-2014)

XC90 (2002-2006)
Dog Guards for XC90 (2002-2006)

V40 5 Door Hatchback (2012 ->)
Dog Guards for V40 5 Door Hatchback (2012 ->)

XC90 (2006-2011)
Dog Guards for XC90 (2006-2011)

XC90 (2011-2015)
Dog Guards for XC90 (2011-2015)

XC90 (2015 ->)
Dog Guards for XC90 (2015 ->)

V90 Estate (2016 ->)

XC60 (2014 ->)
Dog Guards for XC60 (2014 ->)

XC70 (2014 ->)
Dog Guards for XC70 (2014 ->)

C30 (2010-2013)
Dog Guards for C30 (2010-2013)

The things we all have in our cars at some time or another may seem harmless, but when they’re travelling through the car’s cabin at speed following a collision they can prove lethal. Even items from the weekly grocery shop or holiday luggage can cause considerable damage. When it comes to heavier objects, such as toolboxes and golf clubs, the dangers are increased significantly. As it is more than capable of halting the progress of substantial items travelling at speed, the Travall Guard is an easy and easily affordable way of protecting you and your passengers.

But what sets our guards apart, particularly from the cheap universal guards on the market, is the fact that they have been custom made specifically for the model of Volvo you drive. So, whether you have aV40, V50, V70, XC90, XC60 or XC70, it will have been created just for your car. This bespoke design means that you’ll find our Travall guard incredibly easy to fit. It will come with a clearly illustrated installation guide and you can get the job done in well under 15 minutes. We realise that our guards are not always needed on every journey, so they can be removed just as easily in a few seconds, and reinstalled in the same time.

All our Volvo guards are constructed from high-grade mild steel, over which we’ve placed a unique, ultra-tough nylon-powder coating chosen for its proven resistance to scratches. This comes in an attractive shade of grey which we’ve found complements most modern vehicle interiors.