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Dog Guards for Audi

All our Audi Dog Guards are made from laser-cut, precision-welded mild steel that’s finished with a unique, organic-based nylon-powder coating that makes them ultra-tough and extremely scratch resistant. From the A3 and A4 to the Sportbacks, Avants and Allroads, we’ve created expertly engineered products for all the leading Audi models, including the Q3, Q5 and spacious Q7. And their big advantage is that they’ve been tailor-made just for the vehicle you Audi drive. So you’ll find they’re a lot stronger than the cheaper, universal type of guards.

This is a big advantage because our dog guards have other uses than just keeping pets in the back of the vehicle. Importantly, they can also play a key role in road safety by containing any loose cargo you may be carrying. When you bear in mind the fact that during a collision many people are seriously injured each year by the kind of items we all have in our cars at some time, fitting a Travall Dog guard in your Audi could potentially save lives. Even seemingly harmless items (such as pushchairs, tools, luggage and even the weekly shopping) could prove harmful, because when travelling at considerable speed through the car’s cabin, their weight is significantly increased.

However, as the name suggests, our dog guards are also an extremely useful accessory to have in your Audi if, like most of us, you often travel with your pet. Installing one (which takes only around 10 minutes) will allow you to give your full attention to the road, free from any distractions. It will also means your car’s upholstery and carpets will be free from any dirty paw prints. When you don’t need the guard, it can be easily removed in a matter of seconds. Combine it with one our cargo dividers, and you’ll find it’s even more useful, for instance by separating your dog from groceries or helping you to stow your cargo far more effectively.