• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install

Travall® TailGate
the dog crate alternative

We all know how excited dogs get at the prospect of a ride in the car prior to a hike or a good run at the park. No matter how well trained your dog is, when you open the boot there's always the worry that your canine friend is going to bolt out of there - a potential hazard for the health and welfare of the dog and for other drivers too. How to stop a dog leaping from the car is a concern for any dog owner, no matter how well trained the dog is. For this reason, we developed the Travall TailGate, to deter dogs from leaping as soon as the boot opens. With a Travall TailGate in position, you decide when your pup can exit the boot and the outdoor adventures begin. Now available to purchase from us directly.

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The ultimate tailgate upgrade to accompany the Travall Guard and Divider

  • The ideal companion to the Travall Guard and Divider
  • An affordable and stylish alternative to a dog crate
  • Double pivot hinge system for secure positioning
  • Sturdy, rattle-free design to complement the Travall Guard and Divider.
  • Neatly folds against the boot divider when not in use.
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
Travall® TailGate

The Travall TailGate works exclusively with the Travall Guard and Travall Divider as the ideal alternative to a dog crate or dog cage. The boot gate attaches to the divider using some basic tools and can be installed or removed in around 10 minutes.  It’s made using the same nylon powder-coated steel as the Travall Guard and Divider, so you know all three products will coordinate perfectly in your vehicle and will continue to look good after many years of use.


Unlike Travall’s other product ranges, the Travall TailGate is not vehicle specific.  You simply need a Travall Guard and Divider installed in your vehicle. You then choose the TailGate that is best suited to your lifestyle requirements. For dividers positioned with the 50:50 split, you can choose to have a gate across the right hand side, or the left hand side, or (if you have two dogs) on both sides. For dividers positioned with the 60:40 split, there is the option to add a tailgate guard to the smaller portion of the boot.


Not just for dog owners, the Travall TailGate allows for enhanced boot organisation.  By positioning the tailgate midway along the divider you can further compartmentalise the boot of your car.  No more grocery bags tipping over on the drive home - they’re held securely in the upright position by the sturdy Travall TailGate.