• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install



Selecting Accessories


How do I find suitable products for my car on the Travall website?

Our website makes the selection process as easy as possible. Go to Please select your vehicle in the upper left corner and simply click on the options applicable to your car. We will automatically guide you to the right products.

If certain accessories are not shown after you’ve selected your vehicle, we do not offer them. Please understand that we cannot manufacture individual, custom-made products.

We ask every customer to go through the selection process before ordering on our website, so you can be sure that your Travall products will fit perfectly and can be safely installed in your vehicle. Rest assured that you won’t need any key numbers, VINs or other technical data to complete the vehicle selection.

How can I find out whether Travall manufactures products for my car?

Please select your vehicle as described above and, in less than two minutes, you’ll find out whether we manufacture accessories for your car.

Can Travall point me towards the right products when I tell customer services the make, model and production year of my car?

As car manufacturers launch different versions of their vehicle models, the make, model and year of manufacture are not sufficient to select suitable products for your car. All our products are vehicle-specific, so there may be different products for different versions of one specific car model.

Please select your vehicle as described above. It takes less than two minutes and you won’t need any technical knowledge.

Why am I not shown any products after having selected my vehicle?

Although we offer accessories for about 1,000 different car models, from a design standpoint and a cost perspective our products are not always suitable to develop for every single model, therefore you may very well find that Travall Guards and Dividers are not available for older or less common vehicles. We do not offer a one-off development and production process for custom-made products.

Can Travall make a one-off Travall Guard or Divider for my car?

It takes a considerable amount of time to develop a new product, and the setup costs are also substantial. Therefore, time and financial considerations make it impossible for us to manufacture a one-off Travall Guard or Travall Divider.

I’m looking to purchase a Travall Guard but there are two different vehicles shown for my model year. How do I choose?

Sometimes vehicle manufacturers continue to sell old stock of the outgoing model alongside a new model, which can become confusing for customers looking for vehicle-specific accessories. Look carefully at the photographs of the vehicles on our site, and if you still can't decide, please email photos of your car, preferably front and rear views, to info@travall.com. Our technical team will then be able to help you choose the right accessories.


Product Fit


Will a Travall Guard from a similar size vehicle fit my car?

No, Travall Guards are designed to fit each specific vehicle make and model and are not interchangeable with other vehicles of a similar size or type. This applies to all other accessories, too.

My vehicle has a sunroof. Will the Travall Guard and Divider still fit correctly?

Wherever possible Travall tries to develop Guards and Dividers to fit vehicles with and without a sunroof. Vehicles fitted with a sunroof generally have a lower headliner height to incorporate the sunroof mechanism. This leads to fitting problems with some applications. Please read the product listings thoroughly and if in doubt check compatibility with our technical team via our contact form.

Will a Travall Divider fit with another brand of dog guard?

No, Travall Dividers are only compatible with Travall Guards and are not designed to be used with any other manufacturer’s product.

Does a Divider for a 7-seater vehicle fit into a car with 5 seats?

Due to the different interior dimensions, a Divider for a 7-seater does NOT fit in a 5-seat car. Please read the information on the product page thoroughly.




Where can I find the product fitting guides?

Product fitting guides are available as a PDF download on each product page. Printed fitting guides are also included with each product purchased giving detailed, step-by-step installation instructions.

I don’t have a Travall Guard. Can I still fit a Travall Divider?

Travall Dividers can only be attached to Travall Guards. They should NOT be used in conjunction with products from other manufacturers or the car manufacturer’s original accessories.

I’m having problems fitting a Travall Guard into my car, what should I do?

If you’re experiencing problems with fitting a Travall product or are unsure about a particular point in the fitting guide, please contact us by email at info@travall.com detailing the order number, product number and the nature of the problem. Digital photos are always useful to highlight specific problems with product installation and help our Travall quality team resolve problems quickly and effectively.

Why can some Travall Dividers only be fitted in the middle of the boot?

The original design, which was invented more than 10 years ago, was for the Divider to slot into two holes that were positioned in the top of the Guard frame. As time went on and we saw the feedback from customers wanting to change the split of the boot, our research and design team came up with version 2 of the Divider which now uses a clamping system allowing the Divider to be moved.

If a Divider can only be fitted in the middle with the new design, this is because the shape of the boot or slope of the roof doesn’t allow one size of Divider to fit in multiple positions. Please note that we’re not planning to change the design of those Dividers that can only be fitted in the middle of the boot.


Spare Parts


I’ve misplaced one of the parts that came with my order. Can I order the part from you separately?

Yes, please email our customer services team at info@travall.com and they’ll give you a quote for the part you’ve lost.

I’ve lost the fitting guide that came with my Travall Guard, can I get a replacement?

You’ll find exactly the same step-by-step installation guide on your product’s page on our website. Typing the part number of your product into the search function is the quickest way to get to the page. The fitting guide is in a format which can be both saved and printed.


Discounts and Payment


Will you give me a discount if I purchase more than one item?

Yes, our Packs offer great savings on multiple items purchased from Travall. After you’ve selected your vehicle on our website, we’ll show you the available products and offers. Go to Please select your vehicle in the upper left corner and simply click on your car’s details.

What are the payment options on the Travall website?

You can pay by PayPal, credit card and BACS transfer. Currently we do not offer payment upon receipt of invoice.

Will I have to pay VAT (Value Added Tax)?

This is a commercial website which charges UK VAT at 20 percent. This web site is not intended for wholesale customers therefore all customers purchasing products on our website will be charged 20 percent VAT and must agree to our terms and conditions.

VAT registered EU customers may apply to become a distributor or, for individual transactions, will be required to disclose their VAT number and pay through the registered business bank account or business credit card. Non-EU customers will not be charged VAT as they are liable for any taxes and duties that are payable in accordance with applicable country laws.

Why is my order shown as incomplete even though I’ve paid?

It is important that you use the correct reference number when you pay in advance. This is not your order number, but the longer number just below the billing amount. If you’d like to pay by credit card, please make sure that the payment has gone through. Transactions that do not include all data will automatically be reversed a few days later.

Where is my parcel?

You will receive a tracking number by email as soon as your parcels leave our warehouse. With this number, you can track your parcels on the courier website. 

I only received one item. Where’s the rest of my order?

Consignments consisting of several parcels leave our warehouse together. If you receive only one item, the other parcels are still in the courier truck or depot and will usually be delivered the next working day. Please track your parcels on the courier website using the tracking number we send you by email. The tracking number can also be found on the parcel already delivered; the remaining numbers are shown on the courier page as well.




The product I’d like to buy is out of stock. What can I do?

Please click on the green button labelled Let me know when the product is back in stock and you’ll receive an automatic email. This usually takes about two weeks. The button is located on the product page, which will be displayed after you have selected your vehicle.

Where are the Travall Guards and Dividers made?

Travall Guards and Dividers are designed and manufactured in Derby, right in the heart of the United Kingdom.

Have the Travall Guards been crash tested?

Travall Guards are tested and approved on a type approval basis, not every Guard is tested. If one Guard has been tested and passed, all Guards of the same basic design, material specification and assembly are deemed safe as they are made to the same standard of the type originally approved.

The test is regulated by the United Nations regulation ECE R17 which sets out the strict parameters and procedures for the test. This regulation defines the test standards for seats, anchorage points and head restraints and sets out the test procedures for devices intended to protect the occupants against displacement of luggage. The word luggage is a wide-ranging description relating to anything contained in the boot or load area.

If you have a question about a Travall product not covered here, please email our customer services team or call us on 0800 311 2175. It would really help if your email also includes your order number. If it’s a Guard or Divider you’re asking about, please tell us the part number, which can be found on the product page or on the label on the product frame.