Accessories for Dacia

When it comes to car accessories, we know that the choice out there can sometimes be bewildering. But there’s one thing you can be certain of – an accessory that’s been designed and manufactured specifically for the car you drive will be far superior to any ‘one size fits all’ type of product.

At Travall, the majority of our Dacia accessories have been made using the exact dimensions of the leading Dacia models; ensuring a perfect fit and easy installation. Take our Guards for example. These can be installed in around ten minutes without any vehicle modification, and they can be removed in a matter of minutes if not needed on a journey. Our guards play an important role in road safety by halting the progress of unsecured cargo in the event of a collision. Of course, they are also an essential Dacia accessory for pet owners who wants to drive without distraction and keep seats and carpeting free from hair and muddy paw prints. Combine a Dacia Guard with a Travall Cargo Divider, and you’ll also be able to load your vehicle far more effectively, especially when it comes to all the luggage and gear needed for things like a family holiday.

When it comes to protecting a car’s interior, we also have a range of hardwearing, vehicle-specific rubber car mats, also made for your car. So there’s none of the laborious cutting that’s required to install universal-style car mats. Our mats are flexible yet tough and come with a raised outer edge to safely contain spills and dirt. They are made from an advanced rubber compound that won’t crack or fade, and they’ve been infused with a pleasant, long-lasting vanilla scent.

From the Dokker and Duster to the Lodgy, Logan and Sandero, there are Travall Dacia accessories for a number of the most popular models.