Accessories for Jaguar

Just like Jaguar, Travall have put a lot of thought into the design of their products, as well as choosing the very best materials. And, just like jaguar, we too have a heritage of innovative design and engineering excellence. Just two of the many reasons that we have become the world’s leading brand for vehicle-specific guards and dividers.

Created using the very latest manufacturing technology, Travall Guards and Dividers are designed using the precise dimensions of your Jaguar. This gives them many advantages over the cheaper, universal style of guards – a perfect, rattle-free fit and easy installation being just two of those advantages. In fact, it only takes around 10 minutes to equip your Jaguar with an essential accessory which could protect you from serious injury. This is because, following a frontal collision on the road, any unsecured items in the rear of the car will travel forward at speed, potentially harming both driver and passengers. However with a Travall Guard in place, these everyday items will be safely contained.

Of course, if you are also a pet owner, our guard will prevent over-enthusiastic dogs from distracting you while driving – again, another potential hazard when out on the road. And just think, no more muddy paw prints on your Jaguar’s upholstery. If you have more than one dog, or you just want to keep the one you have away from the weekly shopping, then our you’ll find the Travall Divider is a key addition to the guard. It will also help you make the very best use of the available space in your Jaguar when travelling with a full load, on an annual holiday, for example.

Why compromise on Jaguar accessories when you can choose from a range of premium-quality ones for models including the spacious XF Sportbrake.