Dog Guards for Mazda

If you have a Mazda 3, Mazda 5, CX-7 or CX-5, you don’t need a pet to benefit from fitting one of our high-quality, custom-made Dog Guards. That’s because they also play an important part in road safety by protecting drivers and passengers from the injuries which can be caused by cargo in the car that’s unsecured. In fact, very many people are seriously harmed on our roads each year by seemingly harmless, everyday objects. Even items from the weekly shopping can prove fatal when propelled forward through the cabin following a collision. The simple laws of physics mean that they will be travelling at considerable speed, and at many times their original weight if you’re involved in a crash. But with a Travall guard installed in your Mazda, those dangers will be significantly reduced. That’s because, being vehicle-specific, they are proven to be far stronger than the many cheaper, universal-style guards available in your local large car accessory store.

3 5 Door Hatchback [BK] (2003-2006)
Dog Guards for 3 5 Door Hatchback [BK] (2003-2006)

3 5 Door Hatchback [BL] (2009-2012)
Dog Guards for 3 5 Door Hatchback [BL] (2009-2012)

5 (2005-2010)
Dog Guards for 5 (2005-2010)

5 (2010 ->)
Dog Guards for 5 (2010 ->)

CX-7 (2007-2009)
Dog Guards for CX-7 (2007-2009)

CX-7 (2009-2012)
Dog Guards for CX-7 (2009-2012)

CX-5 (2012-2014)
Dog Guards for CX-5 (2012-2014)

6 Tourer (2012-2015)
Dog Guards for 6 Tourer (2012-2015)

3 5 Door Hatchback [BM] (2013 ->)
Dog Guards for 3 5 Door Hatchback [BM] (2013 ->)

3 5 Door Hatchback [BK] (2006-2008)
Dog Guards for 3 5 Door Hatchback [BK] (2006-2008)

3 5 Door Hatchback [BL] (2012-2013)
Dog Guards for 3 5 Door Hatchback [BL] (2012-2013)

CX-3 (2015 ->)
Dog Guards for CX-3 (2015 ->)

CX-5 (2014 ->)
Dog Guards for CX-5 (2014 ->)

Their undoubted strength is also down to the materials and manufacturing techniques we use. We take a high-grade mild steel, laser-cut and precision-weld it into shape and then encase in an ultra-tough nylon-powder coating – making it extremely resistant to scratches and knocks. Because it has been expertly engineered to precisely fit the interior of your Mazda, you’ll find it incredibly easy to install too. Unlike some guards, it requires no drilling or interior modifications, and can be fitted at home using only basic tools. We estimate it will take no longer than 15 minutes to install, after which you and your passengers will have peace of mind when travelling with loose cargo, whether that’s groceries, luggage or heavier, more dangerous items like tools and camping equipment.

But it’s not only the car’s occupants our Dog Guard will protect. With your pet placed safely in the rear of the vehicle, the Mazda’s carpets and seats will be protected from dirty and wet paw prints when you return from a walk. And there’ll be no more distractions from your best friend while you’re trying to concentrate on your driving.