Rubber Mats for Mazda

Our Mazda Rubber Car Mats are made from a hardwearing rubber compound that will last and last, without cracking or fading. But although extremely tough, these mats are lightweight and very flexible, so you won’t be struggling to fit them in your Mazda. Of course, when the time comes to shake or rinse them, they’ll be just as easy to remove.

3 5 Door Hatchback [BM] (2013 ->)
Rubber Mats for 3 5 Door Hatchback [BM] (2013 ->)
You save: £4.99
Pack Price:  £35.00

There are custom-made Travall mats specifically for the Mazda 3, 5 and 6, as well as for the CX-5 and CX-7. From dirty rainwater and spilt soft drinks to muddy boots and winter road salt, each one offers perfect protection against the many things which could ruin the interior of your vehicle – thanks to a clever raised outer edge which will contain liquids and dirt.

As Travall Rubber Mats are designed especially for your particular vehicle, they will give you a far better fit than any of the common ‘one size fits all’ mats. The majority also come with fixings which line up with the existing anchor points in the front and rear of your Mazda. The few which don’t have strong rubber grips on the reverse to prevent any movement. So no slipping or mats getting caught under the pedals, which could be potentially dangerous when out on the road.