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Mercedes Benz

Travall has a range of key Mercedes accessories designed to protect you, your passengers and the interior of your car. All have been made using the precise specifications of your particular model’ making them easy to install and giving you the perfect fit. A fit that will be far superior to that of any of the cheaper, universal type of car accessories.

Whatever Mercedes you have, you could make every journey you take safer by fitting a Travall Guard. Expertly engineered in the UK from laser-cut mild steel, it is an essential addition to any vehicle that is ever driven with unsecured items in the back. In a frontal collision, loose cargo is the cause of very many serious injuries each and every year. However, with a Travall Guard installed, there will be a strong barrier to prevent everyday items injuring you and your passengers as they are propelled at speed through the car. For dog owners too, it is a must; preventing pets from causing unwanted distractions while out on the road and keeping your upholstery free from muddy paw prints.