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The justified popularity of the Mini means that there are a lot of Mini accessories out there from which to choose. So how do you go about selecting the right one? Well, we think one sure way guarantee a perfect fit is to choose one that’s been made specifically for your vehicle – from a supplier recognised for using the best available materials.

Here at Travall, we have a range of high-quality Mini accessories which have been designed and manufactured using the exact measurements of the model you drive. Despite the diminutive size of the even the biggest Minis, travelling with loose items can prove dangerous in the event of a crash, or even if you have to brake sharply. That’s because, in a forward collision, they could be propelled forward at speed and, because of physics, at many times their original weight. This means that everyday objects could easily injure you and any passengers. However, with a Travall Guard installed there will be a physical barrier to arrest the progress of potentially lethal items. This is particularly important if you regularly drive with a rear-facing child seat fitted in your Mini.