Rubber Mats for Mini

Keeping the interior of your Mini looking its best can sometimes be a struggle, and often time-consuming. If you think of all the dirt that’s brought into your car from outside, it’s no wonder. From mud and dirty water to road salt and sand. So why not save money and valuable time by purchasing a full set of premium Mini Rubber Car Mats from Travall?

Convertible (2009-2015)
Rubber Mats for Convertible (2009-2015)

Countryman (2010-2016)
Rubber Mats for Countryman (2010-2016)

3 Door (2006-2010)
Rubber Mats for 3 Door (2006-2010)

3 Door (2014 ->)
Rubber Mats for 3 Door (2014 ->)

5 Door (2014 ->)
Rubber Mats for 5 Door (2014 ->)

3 Door (2010-2014)
Rubber Mats for 3 Door (2010-2014)

Paceman (2013 ->)
Rubber Mats for Paceman (2013 ->)

Roadster (2012 ->)
Rubber Mats for Roadster (2012 ->)

We say Mini car mats because each set we manufacture is made specifically for the make and model of your car. That’s why they are the perfect size and fit so easily. We also supply the tailor-made fittings that slot into the existing fixing points in your Mini – ensuring that the mats don’t move around which, if the driver’s mat gets caught under a foot pedal, can prove dangerous.

We’ve also created an attractive non-slip pattern on the top of the mat, while its high outer rim cleverly traps any dirt you bring in on your shoes, while safely containing any spills too, say from a drop can of soft drink. While our competitively priced Mini Car Mats are made from a tough and hardwearing rubber compound, they are also flexible enough to remove easily for cleaning. They come with an attractive, long-lasting vanilla scent too.