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Dividers for Nissan

Already established as the world’s leading brand for vehicle-specific dog guards, Travall has also created a range of premium-quality cargo dividers exclusively for the Nissan Qashqai, Qashqai+2 and X-Trail. These are manufactured from the best available materials by skilled engineers using the latest production techniques. After laser cutting and precision welding high-grade mild steel to form the frame and mesh, we finish our dividers with a unique nylon-powder coating which is ultra-tough and scratch-resistant. This comes in exactly the same attractive shade of neutral grey as our dog guard, which you’ll need to attach this Divider.

Although extremely sturdy and rattle-free, you’ll find this Nisan Divider very simple to fit. We’ll give you an easy-to-follow installation guide, plus a small hex key, which is the only tool you’ll need to do the job quickly at home. There’s no need to modify the interior of your vehicle in any way and you can get the job done in around 10 minutes. As we realise that you may not want the Travall Divider on every trip, we’ve made it very easy to remove, taking just seconds. And you can reinstall it just as quickly.

So, if you want to make stowing things in your Qashqai or X-Trail a whole lot easier, or you want to easily separate items in the cargo area, fit this high quality Divider from Travall.