• Premium quality with a precision fit
  • Available for a wide range of vehicles
  • Simple to install

Dog Guards for Renault

Whatever Renault you drive, fitting this high-quality, custom-made Travall Guard could potentially make every journey you take a whole lot safer for you and your passengers. That’s because it will significantly reduce the dangers of travelling with unsecured cargo in the rear of your car. And who, at some time or another, hasn’t driven with tools, luggage, sports kit or shopping in the back. But it is items just like these which can cause serious injuries in a collision as they fly forward at considerable speed. However, with this strong and robust barrier between loose gear and the car’s occupants, you’ll be protected, with our guards typically absorbing a weight of 30kg travelling at 80km/h.

We have custom made dog guards specifically for the Renault Kangoo, Megane, Laguna, Cleo, Captur and Scenic. Each one is expertly engineered from high-grade mild steel and then finished with an ultra-tough, nylon-powder coating which makes them exceptionally resistant to scratches and knocks. We do this using the very latest manufacturing processes, including precision welding and laser cutting. All our dog guards come in a neutral shade of grey which we have chosen because it complements the interior styling of most modern vehicles.

As for installation, it really couldn’t be simpler. With only basic tools, and by following our clear and concise instructions, you can certainly get the Travall Guard fitted in less than 15 minutes. Another great advantage is that this can be done easily at home. So no expensive bills from your Renault dealer or local garage. Neither does installation require any modifications to your vehicle’s interior, or any unsightly drill holes.

While our dog guard can certainly enhance safety on any trip, it is, as the name suggests, an ideal Renault accessory for pet owners. Not only will it prevent muddy paw prints on the clean upholstery and carpeting of your car, it will also mean you’ll be able to drive without any distractions, leaving you free to concentrate on the road ahead.