Accessories for Subaru

Our range of Subaru accessories comprises the world-leading Travall Guard, Divider and Boot Mat Liner. All these premium quality products have been created and expertly made using the exact measurements of the Subaru you drive. This means they will fit perfectly, without any of the hard work associated with the inexpensive universal style of accessories out there on the market.

Although popular among dog owners, our guards are certainly not just for those with pets. That’s because they can also halt the progress of unsecured items in car which, in the event of a head-on collision, can cause serious injury as they travel at speed through a vehicle. And at many times their standing weight. So fitting a Travall Guard in your Subaru could really help to save lives. It’s most definitely a wise investment if you go anywhere with a rear-facing child seat installed.

Adding a Travall Divider to your guard can also help you to maximise the available loading space in your car – ideal for long holidays, weekends away and camping trips to the great outdoors. It’s also very handy for separating different items that, for necessity’s sake, have to be placed side by side, but really shouldn’t be, like dogs and food shopping or muddy sports gear and luggage.

Our Subaru Boot Mat Liners for the ever-popular and spacious Forester are constructed from a long-lasting rubber compound that will not crack or fade. Because it’s been infused with a pleasant vanilla scent, they’ll keep your car smelling fresh too for many months to come. Although extremely tough, you’ll find it both lightweight and flexible – making it very easy to install. That’s also the case with our Subaru Guard and Divider which, being made just for your vehicle, take only minutes to install and remove. Our Subaru range of premium-quality accessories includes products for the Trezia, Forester, Impreza, Legacy and Subaru’s ever-popular Outback.