Dividers for Toyota

Already the world’s leading name for vehicle-specific dog guards, Travall also have a range of complementary cargo dividers created exclusively for the spacious Toyota Avensis, Land Cruiser and RAV4. Installing one in your own Toyota will allow you to load your vehicle far more efficiently, while making it very easy to separate items you really don’t want to sit together in the rear of the car. Of course, as it must be used in conjunction with the Travall Dog Guard, you’ll also be further protected from the dangers of travelling with unsecured objects when out on the road.

Avensis Tourer [T270] (2009-2012)
Dividers for Avensis Tourer [T270] (2009-2012)

RAV4 5 Door [XA30] (2006-2010)
Dividers for RAV4 5 Door [XA30] (2006-2010)

RAV4 [XA40] (2013-2015)
Dividers for RAV4 [XA40] (2013-2015)

Avensis Tourer [T270] (2015 ->)
Dividers for Avensis Tourer [T270] (2015 ->)

RAV4 [XA40] (2015 ->)
Dividers for RAV4 [XA40] (2015 ->)

RAV4 5 Door [XA30] (2010-2012)
Dividers for RAV4 5 Door [XA30] (2010-2012)

Just like our dog guards, the Travall Divider is made from the best available materials. We laser-cut and precision-weld a high-grade mild steel to form the strong frame. Along with the integral mesh, this is finished with an organic-based, ultra-tough nylon-powder coating that’s unique to Travall, making it very scratch resistant.

Following our clear and concise installation guide, and with no drilling or vehicle modification involved, you can fit this premium-quality Divider in your Toyota in around ten minutes. After that, it will take you even less time to remove and reinstall.